The Making of an Ascorti pipe

For over 45 years, Roberto Ascorti, with the knowledge and artisan craftsmanship passed down to him by his father Giuseppe "Peppino" Ascorti, has created some of the most beautiful pipes on the market today.

With an artist's eye, Roberto personally selects the briar to complete the vision he sees in that particular piece of wood. After scrupulous control and sorting of each piece, the briar is then aged two years. Only when the briar is just right Roberto starts handcrafting his pipes. since the briar wood decides the basic shape and form of the pipe no two are identical.

Traveling extensively, Roberto is always cultivation his passion and creativity which is reflected in his pipes.

In honor of Roberto Ascorti and his father Giuseppe, we will be discounting all Ascorti pipes 20% through December 31, 2018 so you can enjoy the hard work, dedication and creativity put into each Ascorti pipe.


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