Tinder Box Pipe Tobacco Tasting

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We asked a few of our pipe tobacco customers to participate in our pipe tobacco tasting. We provided them with four tobaccos to try and asked them to rate them.

As you look over the ratings and comments keep in mind what type of tobacco participants Prefer.

Randy R. prefers Aromatic & Traditional Cavendish          

Walter M. prefers Aromatic 

Larry H. prefers Aromatic    

Kevin K. prefers Aromatic    

Roberts S. prefers Aromatic & English   

Dennis R. prefers Aromatic & Traditional Cavendish

Ronald W. prefers Aromatic    

Michael U. prefers Aromatic & English

Of the four blends the highest rated tobacco was Tinder Box Vintage, followed by Tinder Box Skilling and tied for third are Tinder Box Cavendish and Tinder Box Connoisseur.

We would like to thank all the participants for their willingness to try a tobacco that may be a bit different then their usual smoke and their ratings.

Tobacco Blend A  -  (Tinder Box Vintage – a Traditional blend)

Rating is based on 1 (liked) to 5 (disliked)

                        Flavor/Taste            Aroma            Burn             Overall


Randy R.                      1                          1          2                  1                         

This sample grew on me – I liked it.

Walter M.                     2                           2          2                 2                      

Mild slight cherry, smooth even burn. Seemed too oily, hard to light. Overall good long smoke.  

Larry H.                       3                         3           4                 4

I cleaned four different pipes completely, bowl, stem and shank. Final cleaning with a cloth.                   

First impression – very mild, touch of sweet, cavendish tobacco. Slow burning.


Kevin K.                       2                      2              1               2 

Subtle taste. Very enjoyable. Would definitely smoke it again. I would definitely consider

switching from Wilshire if I knew the name of tobacco A.   


Robert S.                     1                         1                1                 1

My favorite of the four. Mild smoke with a gentle flavor. I would purchase this one.        

Dennis R.                    3                        3                2                 2 

Tobacco was slightly moist, undetected aroma, perhaps an English blend. Similar to Philosopher.


Ronald W.                 4                         4                3                 3 

light resemblance to Middleton’s Cherry blend flavor. Aroma rating also includes my wife’s rating.


Michael U.                 1                      2                2                  1 

Sweet smooth taste, very mild (pleasant aroma). It had a slow burn, very nice room notes. I would

Smoke this anytime of the day. Reminds me of North Sea somewhat.


Vintage Blend’s overall rating is a 2 (Somewhat liked)


Tobacco Blend B  -  (Tinder Box Connoisseur – an English Style blend)

Rating is based on 1 (liked) to 5 (disliked)

                        Flavor/Taste          Aroma                      Burn                   Overall


Randy R.                      3                   4                               2                       4        

Wasn’t my favorite.

Walter M.                     3                   3                                2                      3        

Lite aroma/taste, was harsh/strong, burn was average. Hard to lite and had to relite a lot.


Larry H.                       5                   5                              4                       5                                                                                 

When I opened the package first reaction was smell of tar. I smoked one pipe, couldn’t smoke another. Cut is to course.


Kevin K.                       3                  3                                1                      3

Not as much flavor as A. Subtle taste.

Robert S.                      2                   3                              2                       2        

A more robust flavor and pleasant aroma. Close to Philosopher.


Dennis R.                     1                    1                             1                        1        

Similar to Sherlock’s Choice. It had Cavendish and perhaps light Latakia. I enjoyed the flavor and aroma. I would purchase

If I knew the name. It was mild, cool and good flavor.


Ronald W.                   4                   4                              4                        4        

No comment

Michael U.                   1                   2                              2                         1       

A rich flavor, slow burn sweetness. Real goo room notes. Tasted maybe Latakia, dark Cavendish-Virginia.


Connoisseur Blend’s overall rating is a 2.9 (Neither liked or disliked)



Tobacco Blend C  -  (Tinder Box Cavendish – a Traditional Cavendish blend)

Rating is based on 1 (liked) to 5 (disliked)

                            Flavor/Taste        Aroma           Burn           Overall


Randy R.                      2                      1               1                 2

My second favorite.

Walter M.                     2                      3               5                 3

Light aroma and pleasant taste with not much after taste. Burns way too fast making for a short smoke.


Larry H.                       2                      2               3                  3          

Do not like rough cut. Makes it hard to pack into pipe.

Kevin K.                        3                      3              1                   3

Subtle taste, unusual cut. Burns well. Packs very easily.

Robert S.                     4                        4             4                    4          

My least favorite. Too strong for my taste. Found it more difficult to keep lit.


Dennis R.                    3                         3              3                    3         

Tobacco was light, perhaps a bit of vanilla. Slow burning, no bite, unremarkable, I would not normally choose this

Blend. Blend unknown.


Ronald W.                   3                        3               2                     2         

No comment.

Michael U.                  2                       2                 4                      3         

Not my fav. Had to keep burning. A lot of sugar & oil in this blend. Little bite. Not bad room notes, an incent smell.


Cavendish Blend’s overall rating is a 2.9 (Neither liked or disliked)


Tobacco Blend D  -  (Tinder Box Skilling – an Aromatic blend)

Rating is based on 1 (liked) to 5 (disliked)

                           Flavor/Taste      Aroma          Burn                Overall


Randy R.                      1                      1             1                   1          

My favorite – smooth.

Walter M.                     1                      1             3                   2          

Good taste and aroma. Average burn. Was an over course cut. Best of all tasted.


Larry H.                       3                      4             2                    3          

Has some bite, Hard to keep burning, but burns fairly slow.

Kevin K.                       3                      3             1                  3

A bit harsh at the end.

Robert S.                      3                      3             2                    3          

I found it similar to #B. A little harsher bite. 

Dennis R.                      3                      3             3                    3          

Tobacco appeared to be Cavendish and Burley mix, smooth smoke, no bite, aroma light. I normally would not smoke

This blend. Similar to Chartwell.                                                                                

Ronald W.                      2                     2             2                    2         

Chartwell is my favorite, but this one is close and I would certainly enjoy it.                                                                                   

Michael U.                    2                      1             2                    1         

To me, rich or full earthy taste. Very good room note, it was very easy to pack and good burn.


Skilling Blend’s overall rating is a 2.3  (Somewhat liked)