Caldwell/Lost & Found with Privada/LCA Showdown Sampler

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Sampler contains:

1 x Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff Habano Toro

1 x Caldwell Long Live the King Heater 

1 x Lost & Found Paradise Lost Maduro Robusto Extra

1 x Lost & Found 15 Min of Fame

1 x Lost & Found Just the Tip

1 x Privada Cigar Club/Lost & Found Half Cookie

1 x Privada Cigar Club/Lost & Found Cookie Monster Pt. 2 aka blue Lonsdale aka no puppets allowed - this is the original intended band aka puppets allowed. Very hard to find. 

1 x Privada Cigar Club Dead Stock

1 x Privada Cigar Club W.A. Academia

1 x Privada Cigar Club Malibu Rick


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