Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

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From James Brown himself, “Last Rites has always been a special cigar to me. It was the first cigar I blended on my own, and I blended it to my personal tastes. It’s everything I wanted out of a cigar and a perfect representation of Black Label Trading Co. To celebrate our sixth anniversary, I wanted to do a special edition of the Last Rites. The Viaticum is an evolution of the Last Rites blend. It uses most of the same tobaccos but in different proportions and primings. It’s rich, dark and elegant just like Nicaraguan tobacco. We also box pressed the cigar like the original 2013 release.”

Wrapper - Ecuador Maduro

Binder - Honduran

Filler - Nicaraguan/Honduran

20 count box, cigar measures 5x54