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From Drunk Chicken Cigars on the Original:

"Our signature hand-rolled powerhouse Maduro that launched the company.  DCO is an exquisite combination inspired by the Founder’s flavor profile.  Using only the finest tobacco leaves from Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador, this complex cigar provides a powerful and amazing velvety smoke with prominent tones of earthiness and black pepper. This is an enjoyable, strong, robust, full-body smoke."

On the Mother Clucker:

"At the top of the pecking order, this Habano is a rich, medium to full bodied cigar. Made from blends of tobacco leaves from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and (shhh!! can’t tell all the Mother Clucker’s secrets) to make it flavorful and indulgent.   This spicy, black pepper, woodiness is an explosion of flavor in one little package that produces tons of smoke.  That’s one bad Mother Clucker!!!  Shut your mouth."

On the Fat Hen:

"The Fat Hen is a Habano with a combination of premium tobacco leaves from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican.  These cigars are aged to perfection, producing the unadulterated marriage between smooth and flavorful.  This powerhouse medium to full-bodied cigar is rich-tasting and decadent with prominent notes of earth, spice, and woodiness.  Smoking a Fat Hen is one of the most robust and rewarding ways to relax."