Ezra Zion Blessed Leaf Jesus Is King

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

This is the most important cigar we’ve ever made!

The Blessed Leaf projects hold a very special place in our hearts—practically sacred!

Those who know us know that we pull out all the stops for every Blessed Leaf blend that we create—Going way beyond what even we think we’re capable of!

Blessed Leaf cigar releases are a way for us to share and celebrate our faith in Christ. So they all have to be perfect! 


Blessed Leaf JESUS IS KING is a project that we’ve had in our hearts to do for 5 years. But if you’re doing a cigar as an overt tribute to your Lord and Savior…it just has to be the ultimate most epic cigar you can possibly make!

So, it’s taken MANY YEARS to finally make it to this very special day!

Blessed Leaf JESUS IS KING is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6x50 toro. Wrapper is a pristine 10-year-aged Criollo 98 rosado wrapper. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. But all tobaccos are 7-14 years aged!

First light is a revelation. Milk chocolate, heavy whipping cream, cane sugar, and vanilla bean instantly begin. Hints of toasted almonds, tanned leather, and cinnamon stick follow immediately. The finish is clean adding a rich cocoa note. The retrohale brings a warming pepper burn. 

As it progresses, waffle cone, cedar wood, and brown sugar emerge. Additional hints of cashew, black tea, and white oak appear. 

Halfway, the blend intensifies even more. The body becomes more robust as the strength jumps up a notch. Cappuccino, clove, and licorice come to the fore. White chocolate, coffee beans, custard, and maple.

Last third, everything crescendoes! Caramel, coffee beans, and nutmeg are added to the mix. All-spice and ginger tingle the tongue. Cocoa flavor emerges and remains all the way to the nub! Absolutely PHENOMENAL!

Blessed Leaf JESUS IS KING is one of the most rewarding cigar projects we’ve ever done! We’ve done our very best to create something that honors God and is a blessing to you!"


Ezra Zion/Nomad releases are not eligible for the 6 or more DIY Sampler discount.