Ezra Zion Chocolate Porter Special Edition

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

Most have only heard rumors of this cigar! It’s one of the rarest Ezra Zion releases of all time!

CHOCOLATE PORTER was originally released over 7 years ago...and it fast become one of the most coveted and sought after Ezra Zion Unicorn cigars in the world!

But…we have taken the CHOCOLATE PORTER smoking experience and made it even more rich and more decadent. (Frankly, I didn’t think we could do it—But I never ceased to be amazed at the insane tobaccos we get our hands on!)

Frankly, I'd need an hour to tell you the backstory of this blend. It's taken us literally years of searching--countless miles traveled--and going to some places you've never even heard of--to get the ultra-rare tobaccos that are in CHOCOLATE PORTER Special Edition!

So yes, CHOCOLATE PORTER Special Edition holds a very special place in our heart. And yes, I have some secreted away in my personal humidor. (And no....I'm not gonna share any of it!)

But a word of warning...This is a cigar for the true aficionado! (The novice smoker probably needs to pass on this one!) The flavors and character are deep, heavy, and rich...with a complexity that is absolutely astounding!

CHOCOLATE PORTER Special Edition is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is an 11-year-aged extra-chocolatey San Andres maduro. Fillers will remain a very closely guarded secret...but they are all between 7-13 years aged!

First light is an explosion of flavor! Rich dark chocolate, brown sugar, toasted almond, and heavy cream rush across the palate. Hints of cinnamon stick, and roasted espresso beans follow immediately after. The finish lingers long on the tongue with notes of nutmeg and vanilla. Retrohale adds a warming black pepper burn. 

As it progresses, the age of the tobacco starts to be tasted immediately. The flavor is hard to describe...but it's magnificent! Along with that are hints of raw cane sugar, bourbon barrel, and white pepper.

Halfway, the richness goes up another level. Espresso beans, caramel, milk chocolate, and aged leather emerge. Hints of cocoa, hazelnut, and clove appear. 

Last third, everything gets even more intense! Huge waves of dark chocolate reappear. Powdered sugar, walnuts, black licorice, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and butter. The last third of this cigar could possibly be the most complex flavors I've ever experienced in a cigar!

CHOCOLATE PORTER Special Edition is deeply rich and ultra delicious! We wish we could've made a bigger batch of these for you...but the tobaccos were just too limited and hard to find!"

**Ezra Zion/Nomad releases are not eligible for the 6 or more DIY Sampler discount.**