Ezra Zion Dark Chocolate Bar '24

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

We'll blame it on our sweet tooth...but we are absolutely obsessed with dessert-style cigars! …and the chocolate one’s in particular!

Some people have nick-named us the "Willy Wonka of Cigars”. (We think that's pretty cool!)

But, I’m just gonna come right out and say it—this time we’ve outdone ourselves!

We’ve significantly upgraded the DARK CHOCOLATE BAR ‘24 blend! It’s richer, creamier, and more delicious than any other chocolate-style cigar we've done! 

We used some of the absolute most decadent and chocolatey tobaccos in the world. And we specially processed them at EZHQ (the process is proprietary and secret) to make them even more delectable

Bottom line...DARK CHOCOLATE BAR ‘24 is ultra-chocolatey, ultra-creamy, and, well, tastes like a candy bar!

It’s absolute pure INDULGENCE!

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR ‘24 is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 5.5x52 toro. The wrapper is a specially fermented 12-year-aged San Andres maduro leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos are 6-13 years aged!

First light is a tidal wave of dark chocolate, cocao nibs, heavy cream, and espresso beans. Cake frosting, red pepper, and white oak bring the perfect balance. The finish lingers for a long time adding caramelized sugar and vanilla bean notes. The retrohale is warming with a cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, semi-sweet chocolate chips, caramel, amaretto, and black peppercorn emerge. Chocolate pudding sweetness lingers on the tongue.

Halfway, the age of the tobaccos really starts to shine through. Brown sugar, molasses, and butter emerge. Aged leather and black tea join the mix. Nutmeg and clove bring hints of spice. Spectacular!

Last third, the chocolatey richness goes off the charts! It's layer upon layer of dark, rich chocolate. Hints of cashew, marshmallow, Red Hots, nougat, and whiskey appear. The sweetness and depth of flavor continues to grow and grow until the very nub of the nub! Phenomenal smoke!

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR ‘24 is an ultra-complex and utterly astounding cigar! If you are a maduro lover...this might be your new favorite!"


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