Ezra Zion Rookie Cards 2022 L.E.

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

Baseball is back! And so is ROOKIE CARDS!

Rookie Cards was originally released in 2016 and quickly become one of the most sought after Ezra Zion unicorn cigars on earth!

The original Rookie Cards blend recipe was created back before we even launched our company in 2012. It's one of the oldest Ezra blends...pre-dating even Inception!

Hence, the name Rookie Cards!

For ROOKIE CARDS 2022 L.E....we made this legendary blend even better! Older and rarer tobaccos along with the addition of medio tiempo ligero...

You'll know when you smoke it that this is from a whole other dimension!

ROOKIE CARDS 2022 L.E. is a full-bodied, med/full-strength box-pressed short-toro draped in a 10-year-aged Corojo 99 rosado wrapper. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret...but all tobaccos are 6-11 years aged!

First light is a complex blast of caramel, honeycomb, milk chocolate, and red pepper. Undertones of leather and cedar wood follow closely and strike the perfect balance in the flavors. The retrohale is strong adding a jalapeño burn. 

As it progresses, whipped cream, dark roasted coffee bean, tanned leather, and mocha emerge. Big notes of raw vanilla appear with hints of clove and white pepper on the finish. 

At the halfway point, the blend rounds out. Dark chocolate, sweet tea, cinnamon stick, and bourbon emerge. The body of the cigar becomes toastier. The flavor complexity is so amazing that it's hard to describe.

Last third, everything intensifies! Unbelievable flavors of mocha, hickory, and brown sugar begin to develop. Hints of clove and nutmeg add subtle spiciness. A chocolate buttercream frosting sweetness follow. 

You WILL smoke this down to the nub of the nub! Guaranteed!

ROOKIE CARDS 2022 L.E. is one of our personal favorite blends of all time. To us...it may be the perfect blend! This is definitely for the accomplished smoker who can appreciate a true "unicorn" level smoke!"

Ezra Zion/Nomad releases are not eligible for the 6 or more DIY Sampler discount.