Ezra Zion Ten Year Anniversary

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 


Story Time! ...10 years ago in Aug 2012, a small boutique company no one had ever heard of set up their tiny booth in the "new brands" section at the IPCPR trade show. Armed with only one cigar named "Inception" we set out with no experience, no slick sales-pitch, and just let the tobacco do the talking!

It's been a life-changing journey ever since! 

We've gone to some amazing places and met some of the greatest people you'd ever have the privilege to know. Best of all, we get to share our passion for cigars with people from all over the world. It's amazing!

To celebrate a journey that epic....we had to make a cigar that epic! The TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

A cigar this good only comes around ONCE EVERY 10 YEARS

We absolutely pulled out all the stops and used every tobacco tool in our arsenal to make TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This is the culmination of every secret blending technique, rare tobacco, and cigar-making tradecraft we have learned in 10 years!

It’s indescribably luxurious and intensely delicious! 

TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY is a full-bodied, med/full strength 6x52 box-pressed toro. Wrapper is a pristine 10-year-aged Corojo 99 rosado leaf. Fillers will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos are aged between 8-18 years.

I'm gonna make a bold statement, but I know it's true...TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY will be one of the most sought after and coveted unicorn cigars in the Ezra Zion ethos!

First light is an explosion of colossal flavor! Big notes of caramel, milk chocolate, espresso with cream, black pepper, vanilla bean, heavy whipping cream and nutmeg. Brown sugar, licorice, and white oak wood linger on the finish. The retrohale adds a warm pepper burn.

As it progresses, dark chocolate, frosting, and clove emerge. Hints of candied nuts, honey, and white pepper. Subtle note of cake frosting stays on the palate until the next puff. Gorgeous aged-tobacco taste begins to appear.  

Halfway, the flavors get richer and deeper! The chocolatey notes grow with added hints of cinnamon stick, white oak, and butter. Raw cane sugar sweetness and earth appear. Big blasts of buttercream wash over the palate. Absolutely delicious!

Last third is completely unbelievable! Maple wood, toasted marshmallows, molasses, and chocolate chips are added. Toffee, fresh roasted coffee beans, hickory, and all-spice. The burn is cool and the complexity continues to increase all the way to the nub of the nub! This is--without a doubt--one of the most delectable and delicious cigars I've ever tasted!

TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY is a cigar to be absolutely cherished! We poured our heart and soul into this project to make it the most PHENOMENAL cigar we could possibly achieve!"

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