Jopito (Privada Cigar Club / LCA)

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From Privada/LCA:

"The legendary Kelner family, revered for their pivotal role in the development
of the iconic Davidoff cigars and renowned tobacco cultivation in the Dominican Republic, has joined forces with the progressive Privada Cigar Club in an exclusive collaboration honoring the esteemed patriarch, Jopito Kelner. This collaboration has resulted in the extraordinary "Jopito" cigar, a limited-edition release of twenty-five Coronas, each meticulously handcrafted and encased in the distinctive Meerapfel African Cameroon wrapper – the most expensive wrapper in the cigar industry. Every cigar is filled with Dominican-grown tobacco from the exclusive Kelner family's farms and carefully encased in the exclusive Meerapfel leaf, which has its roots in the rich soils of Africa. "My father and his brothers grew some of the world's most exceptional tobaccos for discerning smokers across Europe and America," says Johannes Kelner. "To honor my father, Jopito Kelner, and his enduring legacy, we are releasing the 'Jopito.' This tribute cigar is the same blend they enjoyed daily, originally blended by famed Eladio Diaz, procured from the same rich farmlands and cultivated by the same dedicated families and then rolled by Victor De La Cruz at his factory in Tamboril. Victor was also part of the original Tabadom Factory team." Each 'Jopito' cigar, a Corona measuring 53/4x44, is an embodiment of tradition and supreme craftsmanship, filled with premium Dominican Republic tobacco and wrapped in a rich Cameroon leaf. The blend, crafted under the watchful eye of master blender Eladio Diaz, is a legacy recipe revered by the Kelner family and hitherto unshared since Jopito's passing. With notes of apricot, cedar, and cinnamon set against undertones of charred wood, the 'Jopito' offers an enticing flavor profile for the true cigar connoisseur. Floral berries and hints of lemon further enrich the sensory experience. The unveiling of the 'Jopito' was documented in a riveting film by Privada Media titled "Finding Jopito," available on YouTube. Follow Privada Cigar Club Founder on a journey with Johannes Kelner as they seek out industry legends like Eladio Diaz and Hendrick Kelner. The climax? The iconic figures of today's cigar industry in Santiago joining for the release of the Jopito Cigar at the historic Kelner family camp site, where the landmark decision was once made to move Davidoff cigars from Cuba to the Dominican Republic and the Tabadom factory. The 'Jopito' is more than a cigar; it is a living tribute to a rich legacy. Light it up and become part of cigar history. Enjoy in solitude or in the company of those who share an appreciation for the fine art of cigar smoking. For the optimal experience, savor this exquisite blend in a cool, dry setting. This homage to Jopito Kelner is a remarkable fusion of the Kelner family's revered tobacco heritage and Privada Cigar Club's innovative approach to celebrating cigar culture. The 'Jopito' is a testimony to enduring traditions and relentless progress in the ever-evolving world of cigar craftsmanship."