Massacre by AJ Fernandez (Privada Cigar Club / LCA)

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From Privada/LCA:

"February 14, 1929: the most infamous Valentine’s Day in history. Gang violence certainly
wasn’t anything new in 1929, but the scale of the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, ordered by Al Capone in order to take out seven of George "Bugs" Moran’s North Side Gang mobsters, was unprecedented even by Chicago’s gritty standards. The massacre resulted in Moran losing control of the North Side, aided in Al Capone’s eventual incarceration, and cemented the Tommy gun in history’s eye as the mob’s favorite weapon. Massacre is a 6.5x46 lonsdale featuring an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder. Delivering a rich, full-bodied, and complex smoking experience, Massacre is two years aged, and was the very first cigar to come out of Tabacalera Annex, AJ Fernandez’s factory for Privada."