Mr. Robot Fumador V2 (Privada Cigar Club / LCA)

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From Privada/LCA:

"Stephen King faced a significant dilemma early in his career: was his meteoric rise to success purely a result of chance, or did he possess genuine talent? To put this question to the test, King secretly authored seven novels between 1977 and 1982 under the pen name Richard Bachman. By doing so, King hoped to test whether readers would enjoy his writing as much without his name attached to it. Similarly, Mr. Robot is the alias of the master blender behind a prominent cigar brand. This 6x50 blend, made from undisclosed tobaccos, is Mr. Robot's second release with Privada, and while his identity remains a mystery, he is eager to hear your thoughts on this particular blend, which differs notably from the style of cigar he is typically known for."