Sudor Y Cremoso (Privada Cigar Club / LCA)

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From Privada/LCA:

"Introducing 'Sudor y Cremoso,' a masterpiece forged from the fusion of toil and taste by master blender Chico Rivas. 'Sudor,' the essence of hard work, and 'Cremoso,' the epitome of creaminess, unite in this cigar, showcasing the dedication behind its creation. This 6x50
Dominican Puro features in its blend a rare Piloto Cubano variety, originally Cuban seed,
painstakingly cultivated at high elevations in the Dominican Republic. The cultivation of this
special tobacco, on a single mountainside patch renowned for its cocoa and coffee grown there, demanded extraordinary effort, yielding tiny yet potent tobacco plants. Prepare for an experience as unique as it is unforgettable and crafted out of pure passion."