Texas Hand Saw Massacre '23 (Nomad by Ezra Zion)

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From the Nomad/Ezra Zion HQ: 

"We love vintage and retro stuff! Especially when it comes to our tobaccos!

THE TEXAS HAND SAW MASSACRE projects feature literally the oldest tobaccos in our aging vaults. (Hence the very cool retro name and packaging.) These leaves have seriously gone from "vintage" to ancient! 

*Extra-aged tobaccos produce some of the most sophisticated, rich, smooth, and complex flavors in a cigar. And you just can't get to those epic flavors with younger tobaccos.

These tobacco are so limited that we could only make a micro-batch of 390 cigars!

Those who know vintage tobaccos know that the leaves are more fragile and may burn may be a little wonky at times. The ash might not hold on for half the cigar...but the flavors are freaking unbelievable! 

THE TEXAS HAND SAW MASSACRE ‘22 is a 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is silky and sweet Connecticut leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret.

Full-bodied. Medium-strength. Tobaccos are all aged b/n 7-17 years!

1st 3rd: Vanilla bean, whipped cream, dark chocolate, black pepper, amaretto, clove, dried fruit, nutmeg…

2nd 3rd: Caramel, cashews, toffee, roasted coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, dark leather, earth, "aged-tobacco taste"…

3rd 3rd: Milk chocolate, all-spice, red oak wood, hot chocolate, nougat, graham cracker, butter, sugar cane

THE TEXAS HAND SAW MASSACRE ‘22 is crazy amazing! Just let me warn you not to burn your lips...because you're gonna smoke this baby down to the nub of the nub!"

 **Nomad/Ezra Zion releases are not eligible for the 6 or more DIY Sampler discount.**