Despot Cigars Series J (Green Band)

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From Despot Cigars:

"Jovan and Ugljesa Despot are the second generation of the Despot family in the cigar business. The Despot brothers have grown up with their father who, in 2004, launched the cigar scene in Serbia. After finishing their studies, one by one they were incorporated into the activities of their father’s business and since then they have implemented some innovations in the work of the company, which is still developing. In 2019, according to his father, they launched the idea of ​​making their private label “Despot Cigars”. Despot cigars are handmade from whole tobacco leaves, in Estelí, the heart of Nicaragua. The tobacco used for our cigars is carefully selected from the best tobacco regions in the world. Piramide and Robusto are the standard of the new times. Although modern trends promote the largest cigars, for several decades these two formats have been included among the classic shapes. The Despot J Cigars line celebrates the classics and all that has been part of the tradition of enjoying cigars for decades. The Ecuadorian wrapper, grown from the Cuban seed, currently is the most sought-after wrapper for the production of New World cigars. All the big producers use it for their highly valued cigars. This wrapper is grown from the Cuban seed Corojo that is no longer grown in Cuba, since it failed to resist climate changes and diseases. In Ecuador, during the last two decades, both the cultivation and the fermentation were carried out almost to perfection and today this seed is the most preferred choice among all the cigar manufacturers of the New World. It is characterized by fine notes of sweet spices. This wrapper ensures the uniform and slow burning of the cigar. The fine structure of the leaf and the delicate aromas are ensured by the large number of cloudy days in Ecuador, during which it is often forgotten that the sky is blue. This binder leaf is somewhat thinner and more delicate in structure than other binder leaves that are commonly used, including those grown in the shade of textiles. Grown from Habano 2000 seed and as it grew in the cloudy climate of Ecuador, in the Quevedo valley, it has developed subtle and fine aromas. The leaves themselves are somewhat thinner than the other binder leaves, which makes them an excellent choice for medium and small ring guage cigars. We must not forget that Ecuador has 32 active volcanoes that throughout the year cast clouds of fine ash that cover the earth and contribute to its fertilization. Due to the combination of soils, climate and sufficient water, as a product of regular rainfall, a truly unique leaf develops.

The filler
is a composition of three tobacco leaves that are the base of the aromatic complex of your cigar. Traditionally, the filler always consists of three tobacco leaves collected from three or four positions on the plant. These positions, starting with the weakest part, up to the strongest and with the highest nicotine content, are: Volado, Seco, Viso (in Cuba this position in the tobacco plant is not defined, but only in the New World) and Ligero. Recently there has been talk of the leaves Medio tiempo, that are found in the upper part of the tobacco plant grown in the sun. When the Despot J cigar was being created, we boldly stepped into the New World trends, choosing three leaves that carry extraordinary aromatics and don’t contain too much nicotine. For us aromas are the heart of a cigar! That is precisely why we have decided to use two viso and one seco leaf. In this way we have established a philosophy of our brand:

Aroma without compromise!

Filler: Viso Estelí (Nicaragua)

Nicaraguan viso leaves from the Estelí region are aged to perfection. They are grown from the Habano criollo 98 seed. The Estelí region, where this tobacco is grown, is located at the highest point of the valley and is known for the cultivation of tobacco with intense aromas. The tobacco leaves grown in this region have their unique spice aroma and are somewhat thicker. Precisely due to characteristic intense aromas of viso leaf, the use of the ligero leaf was abandoned and replaced with the viso.

Filler: Viso Pennsylvania (USA)

These leaves are grown on Amish-owned plantations in Pennsylvania. They have been growing tobacco in Pennsylvania for decades using minimal agrotechnical methods. This tobacco adds to our blend a rustic note of elegant cigars from the golden age of cigars in the `70s and `80s of the last century. This is precisely why it is one of the three leaves that form the heart of our blend. It comes from the Lancaster district, where tobacco has been grown for a long time. 

Filler: Seco Jalapa (Nicaragua)

Nicaragua has been talked about as the tobacco metropolis of the 21st century for a long time. It is often compared to Cuba, and Nicaraguan tobacco, as well as its cigars, is becoming increasingly popular. The Jalapa region is recognized at the same level as the Cuban Vuelta Abajo region. The composition of the soil, the climatic conditions, as well as the geographical position, have many characteristics in common, with the difference that the climate of the Jalapa region is somewhat drier, which is compensated by the irrigation of the soil. In this way, that delicate and aromatic tobacco is obtained, which is an almost inevitable component in any serious cigar that comes from Nicaragua and the New World. Raised and aged with care, this tobacco is truly an extraordinary component of our blend."

Wrapper - Ecuadorian Habano 

Binder - Ecuadorian Habano

Filler - Nicaragua Esteli Viso, Pennsylvania Broadleaf Viso, and Nicaraguan Jalapa Seco


Robusto - 5x50

Piramide - 6x52

Available individually or in 25 ct. box.