Ezra Zion Chocolate Glazed Donut

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

CHOCOLATE GLAZED DONUT is probably the most delectable and luscious dessert-style cigar we've ever made--and that's saying a lot!

We keep pushing the boundaries more and more—OBSESSED with achieving new levels of flavor and deliciousness!

The caliber of tobaccos we're getting our hands on...and the extra finishing techniques we're experimenting with at EZHQ are blowing our minds!

The dimension of flavors and range of complexity are beyond anything we've done to this point. The flavors and complexity along with the balance and body are....dare I say...MAGICAL!?!

It's like a solid 12 on a 1-10 scale! 

Seriously, CHOCOLATE GLAZED DONUT is so good...you'll want to eat it! (But we don't recommend that.)

CHOCOLATE GLAZED DONUT is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 6x48 toro. Wrapper is an extremely “cocoa-y” 11-year-aged Oscuro leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a very closely guarded secret...But they are all 5-11 years aged!

First light is a huge blast of dark chocolate, cinnamon stick, and powdered sugar. Vanilla bean, buttercream, and cedar balance the flavors. Hints of cashew, clove, and white cake frosting. More vanilla notes linger on the finish. Retrohale adds a sweet spicy burn. 

As it progresses, the body of the cigar grows very creamy. Caramel, cacao nibs, and cardamom emerge. Red licorice and baking spices linger on the finish.

Halfway, the flavors go ballistic as the intensity grows! Huge blasts of heavy cream, brown sugar, mocha, and red oak wood. Chocolate chips, nutmeg, and marshmallow join the mix. Phenomenal!

Last third is magic! Cake, dolce de leche, and fresh-brewed coffee emerge. Chocolate milkshake (seriously), European butter, and all-spice. The flavors continue all the way until the nub! An absolutely outstanding cigar!

CHOCOLATE GLAZED DONUT is some of the best blending work we’ve ever done! We are extremely proud of it! It's an absolutely impeccable cigar! You’re gonna love it!"


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