Ezra Zion HypnotiQ Black Lux

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

"Follow the pocket watch with your eyes, and focus on nothing but the sound of my voice...

...You’re about to step into another dimension of time and space—to have an intoxicating cigar experience like you’ve never had before!

HYPNOTIQ BLACK LUX is a luxurious and eclectic mix of some of the most delicious tobaccos known to man. 

I will tell you straight up—the tobaccos that comprise this cigar are absolutely delectable—some would even say seductive.

The HYPNOTIQ line of cigars began when we released our own personal private blend to the Ezra Zion family. —and everyone went absolutely crazy for it!

BUT…this is a whole other level! Several years ago, we created a new class of cigar in our vaults—“LUX”. These are the most LUXURIOUS and ELEGANT of all blends. The blends that achieve a status where the sum is even greater than the parts. 

And just wait ‘til you see the Broadleaf maduro wrapper…it’s mind-boggling how phenomenal and gorgeous it is! (Like literal chocolate.)

I'm gonna make a really bold statement, but I know it's true...HYPNOTIQ BLACK LUX is like the “HOLY GRAIL” of maduro cigars! The richness and depth of flavors are completely magnificent!

HYPNOTIQ BLACK LUX is a full-bodied, med-strength 6x52 box-pressed toro. The wrapper is an oily 9-year-aged Broadleaf Maduro leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos are aged between 7-14 years!

First light washes over the palate with amazing flavor! Bold notes of chocolate custard, creamed espresso, black pepper, vanilla bean, heavy whipping cream and nutmeg. Layers of red licorice, cedar wood, and brown sugar linger appear on the finish. The retrohale adds a sweet cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, Jordan almonds, sweet black tea, cocoa, and clove emerge. Hints of candied nuts, creamed honey, and white pepper. Subtle note of Tootsie Roll stays on the palate until the next puff. 

Halfway, it gets even more amazing! The chocolatey notes grow with added hints of cinnamon stick and buttercream. Light brown sugar, tanned leather and earth appear.

Last third is completely unbelievable! Bourbon barrel, molasses, and mocha are added. Toffee, hickory, and all-spice. The burn is cool and the complexity continues to increase all the way to the nub of the nub!"


**Ezra Zion/Nomad releases are not eligible for the 6 or more DIY Sampler discount.**