Ezra Zion Ninjabread Man 2023 Ltd.

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From the Ezra Zion HQ:

"Everybody is gonna be Kung-Fu fighting (again) at the company Christmas party this year!

NINJABREAD MAN 2023 Ltd. is one of our HIGHLY ANTICIPATED seasonal holiday releases! We're soooo excited to finally release NINJABREAD MAN 2023 Ltd.! (We've been waiting on pins and needles all year long to share this cigar with you!)

NINJABREAD MAN 2023 Ltd. is a unique blend of sweet and spicy tobaccos that to us taste like Gingerbread. But you know how we roll...we had to take it up a notch and give it some extra goodness!

We took the amazingly decadent Ninjabread Man blend recipe...and added even more deliciousness! First...2023 Ltd. features a beautiful and oily vintage Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. (This leaf is like the holy grail of maduros we’ve smoked!) Then we reached way back into the tobacco aging vault and pulled out some seriously precious tobaccos...that we've been saving just for this cigar! 

So I will tell you...the depth of flavor and complexity in this blend is something that I can't even describe adequately to you. The sum of this blend is even greater than it’s parts. You just have to experience it for yourself!

NINJABREAD MAN 2023 Ltd. is a full-bodied, full-strength 6x50 toro. Wrapper is an oily 11-year-aged Broadleaf Maduro. Fillers will remain a closely guarded secret...but they are all 7-12 years aged!

First light is a wave of ultra-dark chocolate, espresso beans, graham cracker, red pepper, and honey. Hints of walnut and amaretto. The finish is long adding a blast of clove. Retrohale is adds a hot cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, a thick molasses sweetness develops. The creaminess grows. Notes of vanilla bean, cocoa powder, and candied ginger appear.

Halfway, the blend begins to round out. The creaminess increases into a buttery flavor. Blasts of mocha and nutmeg. Brown sugar flavors on the finish. (And this is the longest finish I've ever tasted in a cigar!)

Last third, cedar wood begins to emerge. The sweetness morphs into burnt sugar and caramel. Spicy notes of ginger really become pronounced. It burns perfectly all the way to the nub. And nub it you will!

NINJABREAD MAN 2023 Ltd. is intoxicating! It's amazing that we achieved these dimensions in a cigar--with no flavorings or infusions. It’s an absolute masterpiece!"

**Ezra Zion/Nomad is not eligible for the D-I-Y Sampler Discount**