Ezra Zion Red Army Men 2022 L.E.

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From the Ezra Zion HQ: 

We have literally never been more excited to release an Army Men cigar!

We pulled out all the stops (and went absolutely crazy) making RED ARMY MEN 2022 L.E.! You know us...we're completely OBSESSED with making every cigar even better than the last one!

So if you're a fan of Green Army Men...you're really gonna love RED ARMY MEN 2022 L.E.! 

You just need to know…RED ARMY MEN 2022 L.E. is intense! It’s FULL-bodied, FULL-strength! (You’re gonna have to put on your grown-up panties and use the big-boy voice if you wanna go a few rounds with this cigar!)

Seriously, we reached way back into our EZHQ aging vault to get the most hallowed and coveted tobaccos in our extensive arsenal. These ligero tobaccos are the crown jewel of our stash! The top shelf! The crème de la crème!

This blend is phenomenally rich, extremely dynamic, and insanely delicious! (Yes I have squirreled a couple of these away in my personal humidor, and NO...you can't have them!)

RED ARMY MEN 2022 L.E. is a full-bodied, full-strength 6x50 toro. Wrapper is a vintage San Andres maduro leaf. Fillers are secret...but are all aged from 8-12 years!

First light is a blast of dark chocolate, dark-roasted coffee beans, cocoa, and brown sugar. Toasty leather notes complimented by white pepper, and buttercream follow. Hints of clove and honey. Retrohale adds a warming black pepper burn.

As it progresses, the creaminess begins to grow. Spanish cedar, amber ale, and raw sugar emerge. Vanilla bean lingers on the finish.

Halfway, the blend "rounds out" and really comes into its own! Rich flavors of molasses, red oak wood, and toasted macadamia nuts emerge. Nougat, and milk chocolate add more sweetness to the blend, balanced perfectly by hints of red pepper and all-spice. The finish is big and stays on the palate for a long time. It's like the flavors just don't want to let go. You'll be smacking your lips after every puff!

Last third, the richness of the flavors deepens even more! Each puff is an explosion of complexity. Dark chocolate brownies, earth, butter, and tanned leather come to the fore. The woodsy notes tick up a notch. More vanilla bean and baking spices appear. The construction and draw are perfect. The burn line is straight and true! It's an absolutely unbelievable smoke!

If you liked the previous Army Men...you're gonna love RED ARMY MEN 2022 L.E.! It's--in our opinion--the best one yet!"

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