W.A. The Great Danube (Privada Cigar Club / LCA)

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From Privada/LCA:

"Introducing the newest gem in the W.A. series, a creative collaboration between AJ Fernandez and Brian Desind inspired by the filmography of Wes Anderson. Brian, a fervent admirer of Wes Anderson, during his meetings with AJ, persuaded him to unveil for the American market some of his unique blends, all inspired by Wes Anderson's cinematic themes. This release, the eighth in the series since its debut in April 2022, presents a 7x50 Churchill that has been aged for two years. The combination of masterful blending and meticulous aging underscores LCA's dedication to delivering unmatched quality to American cigar enthusiasts. This blend features a habano wrapper, with AJ keeping the rest of the blend a closely guarded secret. Put on Wes Anderson’s eight feature length film while you delight in the elegant journey on which The Great Danube takes you."